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Parent Governor Voting

Please read the statements below and vote for your parent governor.

Catherine Thomas


I am the parent of a child in Year 8 of the secondary campus. I am a member of the local community and my family have been past and present learners of ALC. I have an interest in the wellbeing and community care provided by our school community and I feel I can help ALC in continuing to support our community needs by removing barriers to education and learning. I currently work within children’s services and have 18 years experience in education and social care. ALC was also my school and as a former pupil, former member of staff and parent of past and present learners, I feel I have a good understanding of how important the school is to all involved and the wider community.

Charlotte Clark


I live in the local area and have two children in the foundation phase of ALC, aged 3 and 6, who will continue their full education at ALC. I therefore am interested in understanding the workings of the school and have an active interest in how well the school performs.

I work in a Snr. Human Resources role and have many transferrable skills, including working with budgets and finances, data analysis, vast HR experience, management and hiring of staff, as well as understanding the confidential aspect of the role.

I would be committed to making an effective contribution to the board on issues such as strategic direction, ethos, the educational performance of the school, the wellbeing of pupils, and overseeing the financial perfomance of the school, making sure money is well spent.

Emma Hardin

I consider myself to be an approachable, honest and trustworthy member of my community. Parents throughout ALC find it easy to confide in me about any topics that arise regarding areas surrounding the school. I am passionate about making a difference in school life, not only to students but also parents and staff.

Peter Robins


As the parent of a pupil with additional learning needs, I care deeply about the standard of education provided to our children. 

If elected, I hope that any contribution I make will be both meaningful and long lasting, and yield tangible results both now, and in the future.

Rachael Way


Hello, I'm Rachael, I am a qualified nurse working as the Clinical Site Manger at YYF. My son ......... has just started nursery at Tillery Street campus. I feel I could help parents like myself to get better communication and understanding about our children's education. I am passionate about children getting an excellent learning experience.