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PDG Grant

The Pupil Development Grant
The purpose of the Pupil Development Grant (PDG) is to improve outcomes for learners eligible for free school meals (eFSM) and Looked After Children (LAC). It is intended to overcome the additional barriers that prevent learners from disadvantaged backgrounds achieving their full potential. All schools must publish online their PDG allocation and an outline of their plans to use the funding to improve outcomes for our learners. Schools must take steps to ensure that learners and their families eligible to support form the grant are not identified by the publication of information. The grant spend is closely monitored by the Governing Body and Local Authority supported by advice from the Education Achievement Service.

As a Learning Community we have agreed the following three steps:

1. To identify the target group of pupils, its characteristics and needs

2. To plan interventions and activities which make the most effective use of resources

3. To monitor and evaluate the impact of resources

At Abertillery Learning Community - the total number of pupils on school roll for is 1651 at the January 2019 census; the Free School Meal student population for statutory age children is 24.8%; the total allocation of PDG to the Learning Community for 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 is £514,450

We will be using the funding to:


  • Provide targeted intervention programmes for Literacy and Numeracy in the Foundation Phase, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 to enhance standards of achievement through learner independence

  • Establish improved tracking systems for pupils who require interventions

  • Provide pastoral, family engagement and wellbeing support to learners in all key stages to enhance wellbeing, improve attitudes to learning and improve attendance

  • Provide opportunities for our learners to engage in music, arts and enhanced curricular projects and activities to think creatively, grasp opportunities and become knowledgeable about their community and the world now and in the past

  • Purchase resources where it can be evidenced that there will be improvements to the teaching and learning and wellbeing of vulnerable pupils