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PE Year 10 - Learning At Home

Complete up to page 11 in the coursework booklet.

  1. Questionnaire

  2. My current levels of fitness

  3. The areas of fitness most important for my sport

  4. Recommendations – targets

  5. Methods of training – create a circuit session specific to your sport to develop the components listed as your goals.

  6. Method of training – create a gym session specific to your sport and goals.  Eg if want to improve speed need to focus on the methods interval and fartlek.  If want to improve CV need to focus the method of training to continuous.  If want to improve strength / ME need to focus on weight training.

 You have already or should have already completed parts 1-4.  Some may just have 5 & 6 to complete and ensure graphs and results tables complete.


If complete above coursework you can then revise over module 1 and 2.

I have attached revision notes, WJEC summary booklet and questions for each module.