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Young Carers Book Launch

New Young Carers book educates readers that 'It’s Cool to Care!' was launched on 2nd June 2021.

We launched our Young Carers Book yesterday called ‘It’s cool to care’ and would like to spread this positive message as wide as possible. I would be grateful if you could place on your websites and social /media as well as share with your contacts as far and wide as possible so that we can encourage everyone that it really is cool to care.

Young Carers provide an incredible contribution to society and in Gwent we are keen to ensure they are supported across various settings in their caring roles. We work in partnership with carers, Health Board, Local Authorities, Community Health council and the Third sector to support unpaid carers of all ages.

In recognition of Carers week taking place on 7th to 13th June 2021, the Gwent Carers Regional Partnership Board is proud to support the launch of its Young Carers book ‘It’s cool to care’. Young carers have been incredibly enthusiastic and joyful in designing and developing this book as well as encouraging parents and other professionals to join in too.

Written by young carers themselves, this book is based on real life young carers experiences. The book is set in a jungle where young Jack who is a parrot, experiences some misadventures when looking after and protecting his little sister Thelma. The rolling emotions of love, care, danger, courage acceptance and friendships gives confidence to others in the jungle to support one another and prove that they are not alone in caring and that being different is just simply amazing.

Young carers said “ The book will help young carers, teachers and others to show everybody It’s Cool to Care ”

“ You don’t have to be a young carer to enjoy this book. Anyone can read it and it will help get you thinking about young carers”

Naheed, Regional Carers Programme lead said “Young Carers have been phenomenal in writing this book. A wonderful and heart warming story with colourful illustrations. A story with hidden life’s lessons a meaningful message. It really is cool to care ! “

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